Concentrated shampoo & conditioner having fruits, flowers, herbs, seaweeds will allow you a refreshing showering moment and

healthy and beautiful hair and scalp. 

Zero waste bar and patented refillable container is light-to-the-planet.

Vegan Refreshing

Beautiful color and scents blended only with nature and plant-based formula will allow you a refreshing showering moment and healthy and beautiful hair and scalp.

All of our products are EVE VEGAN certified.

EVE VEGAN® mark is the most reliable assurance that a product is 100% vegan. Eve Vegan® certifies and guarantees a product without animal origin and not tested on animals.

Ultra Clean Formula

Concentrated OLGO bars & sticks are free-from water, animal-derived ingredients, sulfates (SLS/SLES/ALS/ALES), silicones, synthetic dyes or fragrances, and a quaternary ammonium salts.

OLGO confirmed all our products are free from concerned materials* tested by KOTITI, a nationally recognized testing authority (*analyzable materials only).


A concentrated solid shampoo/conditioner sticks are only activated by the water in your shower, and give a satisfying cleanse and luxurious lather, leaving hair and scalp feeling light, smooth and healthy.

* water is contained in some plant extract itself.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS - light acidic shampoo bar


Measure naturally-derived and fine powdery surfactants and starch (70%+) as well as premium plant oils and extracts.


Mix powder and oils with extracts and knead.

OLGO does not add water in the process only except water from some plant extracts.


Put the shampoo dough into the exclusively designed mold for refillable shampoo stick.


Go through careful natural-drying and ripening procedure.


A solid bar is now ready to serve you as a bar or as a stick. The bars are packed in the sugarcane byproducts box.

pH Balanced

A slightly acidic shampoo designed for a healthy skin pH (around pH 5.5) to protect the skin’s lipid membrane and maintain oil and moisture balance.  

Sensitive skin, dry skin, and infant& kids-friendly.

Acidic Skin (Less than pH 5.0) – The skin surface becomes acidic as the sebaceous glands secrete more sebum.

The lower the pH, the more prone your skin becomes to oily and acne-prone skin.

Healthy Skin (pH 5.2 ~ pH 5.8) – The skin's lipid membrane is well protected so the skin is fully moisturized, and a thin oil layer is formed on the skin surface.

Alkalized Skin (More than pH 7.5) – The lipid membrane of the skin is damaged or lost, making it susceptible to irritation such as external bacteria, dust, and waste products penetrating into the pores, which can lead to enlarged pores. Alkalized skin is prone to dry skin or sensitive skin.

Non-Irritating Formula

Dermatologically tested.

All OLGO products have completed human skin tests and determined to be ‘non-irritating’ through primary skin irritation test *. 

No adverse event observed through several human efficacy testings. 

*KDRI / primary skin irritation test via 24hour skin patch testing / 32 subjects

Fun& Easy

Fun and easy shampooing moments with twist and apply it into your scalp and hair. 

Beautiful and neat bathroom by leaving the ventilated container upright. 


Swish and raise up OLGO.

This small gesture washes away the tiredness of the day, fills up the freshness to your morning. Upright change begins for our tomorrow.


OLGO changes the perception that solid shampoos are uncomfortable and unsatisfactory. 

Fun and smart solid beauty for an upright day

No burden Beauty

OLGO is light-to-the-planet via 

- Recycled (PIR)

- Refillable 

- Recyclable container (PP mono material)


  • Vegan-certified
  • Plant-derived formulation
  • No added parabens, silicones, QAS, sulfates, artificial perfume&colorants


  • 100% sugar cane box
  • No wood cutting box
  • Non bleached
  • Bio-degradable


  • RECYCLED 100% post- industrial-recycled
  • RECYCLABLE with all parts made of mono PP